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Maria-sama ga Miteru Rating

Who will you be?

Maria-sama ga Miteru Rating Community
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The maidens who assemble in the Virgin Mary's garden have such angelic smiles that ignorance passes through and goes away. Their pure bodies and minds are wrapped in dark-colored school uniforms. The pleats on their skirts shouldn't be noticeable. Their white sailor collars should always be tidy. Walking slowly is preferred here. The Lillian Girls' School.

Maria-sama ga Miteru rating community is an exclusive all girls rating community.*

* A rating community is a community where people become members of the community, fill out a survey and get rated from other members as the characters within the series (Maria-sama ga Miteru) of the community.


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Please read all the rules. If you choose not to, we will send Maria-sama after you. =3

Starting the Lillian Jogakuen Rating Application

1) Clasp your hands together and pause. When you are ready, you may join the community.

2) If you missed it the first time. Here it is again. Maria-sama ga Miteru rating community is an exclusive all girls rating community. This means only females can join this community.*

*The only exception to the all girls rule is that if you are male and you wish to be stamped as a character in this community, you can still get stamped but only as a female character -- not a male character. Also please note that due to Maria-sama Ga Miteru's esu-centricity, we cannot guarantee an accurate rating for male applicants.

3) You may post your application behind an LJ-cut if you wish to do so.

4) Pictures are not necessary in marimite_rating. What we are looking for
is a good description of one’s self. If you wish to put pictures you may post it, provided that it is behind an LJ-cut.

5) No MariMite cosplay pictures are allowed to be posted in the rating application before you are stamped. If you wish to share MariMite cosplay photos, you may do so but only AFTER you have received your stamp.

6) All members will be stamped within one week. As the community grows, we may change this rule to receiving a stamp when one reaches 5-10 votes.

7) Stamps must be uploaded to your own server. If you don’t have a server, you can register your own account at Photobucket and upload the picture to your account there.

8) To let us know that you have read the rules, you will entitle your application subject: Gokigenyou

9) Anyone who joins the community are free to rate others before they choose to get stamped.

10) Please refrain from raucous behavior such as bashing or flaming when posting. Acting in such a manner will lead to immediate expulsion from the community.

11) Resubmission of application is prohibited; the first time around should suffice.

12) When possible, rate whenever you can. And when you rate, make it two characters or less. And please, don’t forget to bold your vote.

13) No promotional posting of other communities allowed in this community. If you wish to promote a community or be affiliated with our rating community you can and leave a note at kouga’s page.

14) Enjoy. And remember, the Virgin Mary is watching us.

Lillian Jogakuen | MariMite Rating Application

Date of Birth:
Favorite Season:

Mild Mannered/Outgoing:
Manipulative/Easily Influenced:

What do you look for in a soeur?
Have you participated in any club activities before? If so please name the clubs.
Do you express your feelings easily towards someone you admire?
How possessive are you and how do you show it?
Are you someone who has a good temperament?
How do you cope with loss or change?

Aside from what has been filled out, give us a description about how you think your girl friends would describe you.

Favorite Marimite Scene/Episode:

Bonus survey question: I’ve always wondered, why is it Sapphire?



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